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In April 2022, The Springfield Centre was issued with an Academy Order by the Secretary of State for Education. The Academy Order meant that the school could move forward in the next stage of planning which proposes that the school will join Ethos Academy Trust (EAT) on 1 November 2022.

The decision for The Springfield Centre to become an Academy and to join Ethos Academy Trust was made by The Springfield Centre Management Committee. The school want to work within a Trust that has a strong focus on school improvement, working collaboratively across the group, and this work commenced in early 2002. To date, the work has ensured that The Springfield Centre has been able to access the very best support as it prepares for the academy transition.

One of the first priorities during the transition to academy status is stakeholder consultation. Consultation commenced on the 20 June 2022 and concluded on the 17 July 2022 and views were sought from parents and carers, staff, trade unions, the community and partners. Further within the report we have shared a breakdown of meetings that happened, communications which were issued, and a copy of all feedback received as part of the process.

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