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Suspensions & Exclusions Guidance (Kirklees Schools September 2021)

IPSEA - Exclusion advice if your child has an EHCP Download
Revised DFE Exclusions Codes (August 2020) Download
  • Advice to Schools (including revised Notification Form - to be used from September 2021)+


    Schools should complete the above form if a decision to permanently exclude is made. The form must be returned to the Education Safeguarding Team without delay.

    Exclusions Team (see Exclusions Contact 2021). Our two Inclusion Managers offer the following guidance and support:

    • Gives advice to schools, parents and carers and other professionals on statutory and non-statutory exclusion processes
    • Maintains an exclusions helpline 5 days per week
    • Offers training to Governors and school staff on their statutory responsibilities connected to school exclusion
    • Offers advice to support schools in the use of alternatives to exclusion, such as a managed move, referral to AP, phased reintegration and referrals to other supporting services
    • Advises and guides governors on all aspects of exclusion law
    • Attends permanent and over 15 days exclusion Governing Board Meetings in maintained schools and where invited for Academy schools, as appropriate
    • Attends Independent Review Panel Hearings

    Contact details for the Exclusion Team:

    Allison Langdale – 07803508295

    Tracy Rider – 07548218459

  • Advice for Parents & Carers+

    All permanent exclusions must be considered by the Governing Board and parents have the right to make representations at this meeting. If the Governing Board refuses readmission of an excluded pupil, parents can request for this decision to be reviewed by an Independent Review Panel.

    Parents can contact the following places for advice:

    Child Law Advice (a registered charity) – ‘provide information about when a child can be excluded and the obligations of the school to review an exclusion and the right to appeal an exclusion’. Child Law Advice on School Exclusions KIAS (Kirklees Information Advice and Support Service) Tel: 0300 330 1504 Website: http://www.kias.org.uk/ SENACT (SEN Assessment and Commissioning Team) Tel: 01484 456888 Email: senact@kirklees.gov.uk The National Autistic Society The National Autistic Society produce detailed information for parents on their website. Advice from the National Autistic Society 

Kirklees Fair Access Protocol Download
No Knives Better Lives an alternative to permanent exclusion. Find Out More

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