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Evolve Academy provide education for pupils in KS2 and KS3 who, for whatever reason, are currently unable to attend a mainstream school. This includes children who are permanently excluded from their mainstream setting.

Admission to Evolve is through the Wakefield Inclusion Panel or as a result of a permanent exclusion of a child who attends a Wakefield mainstream school and resides in Wakefield (if the child lives outside of Wakefield the ‘home’ authority will make provision).


  • Wakefield Local Authority Exclusions Information+

    For information on suspensions and permanent exclusions in Wakefield please click on the link below.

    Wakefield Exclusions

    The government’s official guidance on the suspension and permanent exclusion of pupils from local-authority-maintained schools, academies and pupil referral units.

    DFE Exclusions Guidance (updated 10 September 2021)

    Exclusion Guidance

    The Key Exclusions Flowchart

  • Wakefield Inclusion Panel+

    The aim of the AP pathway is to provide a 6- 12 week placement in an alternative setting in order to undertake assessment plus some intervention which is focused on the pupil’s holistic needs, followed by their return and successful reintegration into their current mainstream school.

    The placement is not a ‘quick fix’. It should form part of the school’s overall strategy for supporting the pupil, and they should remain involved and engaged at all stages, recognising that upon return the pupil will still require support in line with that identified by the AP provider. The placement is also not comparable to a special school placement, and conclusions cannot be drawn regarding a pupil’s suitability for this based on their AP placement.

    Places in our Alternative Provision setting at Evolve can only be accessed via the Primary or Secondary Inclusion Panel.

    Primary Inclusion Panel Request for Support Form 21_22

    Secondary Inclusion Panel Request for Support Form

Inclusion Panel (Flowchart) Download
Primary Panel Dates 2022/23 Download
Secondary Panel Dates 2022/23 Download

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