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Ethos Academy Trust

Knowles Hill Road, Dewsbury Moor,
Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, WF13 4QS

Trust Members and Trustees Information

Trust Members and Trustees Information

NameRoleRelevant Business and Pecuniary Interest
Lorraine AbsolonTrusteeTeam Manager in Kirklees Council Virtual School for Children and Young People In Care since 1995
Jane AcklamTrusteeChief Executive / Accounting Officer – South Pennine Academies Trust since August 2011 Company Secretary for Signs Xtra Ltd
Victoria Del GiudiceTrustee and MemberOwner of Waggalicious Ltd. since January 2018
Graham DewhirstTrusteeTrustee of Let June Make a Difference since 2015
Charles HaygarthTrusteeNone
Gillian HughesMemberDeputy Head at Batley Girls High School
Jo FirthTrusteeNone
Andrew HolmesTrusteeNone
Alastair MegahyMemberVice Chair of Governors at Upper Batley High School
Marcus NewbyTrusteeHead Teacher at Howard Park Community School, Cleckheaton.
Sarah Lou NobleTrusteeOwner of Noble HR since November 2016
Andy RawsonTrusteeEmployed by Cummins Turbo Technologies
Brigid TullieMemberExecutive Principal (MAT Development and Transition) at Batley Grammar School
Robert WhitehouseTrusteeOwner of Linthwaite Educational Consultancy Ltd since September 2018

Board Meetings

NameAppointing bodyCategoryTerms of OfficePosition HeldAutumn/Spring Attendance 18/19
Lorraine AbsolonMember appointedTrusteefrom 01/09/18-31/08/224/4
Jane AcklamMember appointedTrusteefrom 01/09/18-31/08/223/4
Victoria Del GiudiceMember appointedTrusteefrom 01/09/18-31/08/22Chair2/4
Graham DewhirstMember appointedTrusteefrom 01/09/18-31/08/224/4
Jo FirthMember appointedTrusteefrom 15/02/19-15/02/232/2
Charles HaygarthMember appointedTrusteefrom 06/12/18-06/12/223/3
Andrew HolmesMember appointedTrusteefrom 01/09/18-01/11/181/1
Marcus NewbyMember appointedTrusteefrom 01/09/18-31/08/224/4
Sarah Lou NobleMember appointedTrusteefrom 01/09/18-06/12/180/1
Andy RawsonMember appointedTrusteefrom 01/09/18-31/08/224/4
Robert WhitehouseAppointed by TrusteesTrusteefrom 06/12/18-06/12/223/4

Finance, Audit and Risk Committee

NameCategoryTerms of OfficePositions HeldAutumn 2018 Attendance
Victoria Del GiudiceTrusteeFrom: 01/09/18 To: 01/09/193/5
Graham DewhirstTrusteeFrom: 01/09/18 To: 01/09/195/5
Jo FirthTrusteeFrom: 25/02/19 To: 01/09/192/2
Charles HaygarthTrusteeFrom: 06/12/18 To: 01/09/193/3
Andrew HolmesTrusteeFrom: 01/09/18 To: 01/11/182/2
Andrew RawsonTrusteeFrom: 01/09/18 To: 01/09/19Chair5/5

Curriculum and Standards Committee

NameCategoryTerms of OfficePositions HeldAutumn 2018 Attendance
Lorraine AbsolonTrusteeFrom: 01/09/18 To: 01/09/194/4
Marcus NewbyTrusteeFrom: 01/09/18 To: 01/09/19Chair4/4
Sarah Lou NobleTrusteeFrom: 01/09/18 To: 06/12/20180/1
Robert WhitehouseTrusteeFrom: 06/12/18 To: 01/09/193/3

Pay and Performance Committee

NameCategoryTerms of OfficePositions HeldAutumn 2018 Attendance
Jane AcklamTrusteeFrom: 01/09/18 To: 01/09/19Chair2/2
Marcus NewbyTrusteeFrom: 17/12/18 To: 01/09/191/1
Sarah Lou NobleTrusteeFrom: 01/09/18 To: 06/12/20180/1
Andrew RawsonTrusteeFrom: 01/09/18 To: 01/09/191/1