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Kirklees Single Point Referral Process (SEMH)

Introduction to Trauma Event - Kirklees 30th November 2022
  • SEMH Outreach Support from Ethos Academy Trust+

    Outreach Support

    Early identification of need remains the key focus for Kirklees Council.  Ethos Academy Trust Outreach Team, working alongside the newly formed Kirklees SEMH Outreach Team offer support to schools to develop their arrangements for identifying, assessing and making provision for children and young people with social, emotional and mental health needs (SEMH).

    All Outreach referrals (Y1-Y11) should be submitted to Kirklees Specialist Provision. See link below for advice around referrals.

    Kirklees Local Offer

    You can contact the service directly to discuss the referral process.

    Telephone: 01924 483744

    Turnaround & Medical referrals

    Further documents below illustrate the processes of referral, support & intervention, some are key stage specific. If you require an element of training please submit a request through:


    If you are having difficulty accessing or submitting the SPR please contact Karen Blakeley (Kirklees) via the email below:


    Telephone: 01484 – 225845

  • DFE Guidance - children unable to attend school due to health reasons+

    There will be a wide range of circumstances where a child has a health need but will receive suitable education that meets their needs without the intervention of the LA – for example, where the child can still attend school with some support; where the school has made arrangements to deliver suitable education outside of school for the child; or where arrangements have been made for the child to be educated in a hospital by an on-site hospital school. We would not expect the LA to become involved in such arrangements unless it had reason to think that the education being provided to the child was not suitable or, while otherwise suitable, was not full-time or for the number of hours the child could benefit from without adversely affecting their health. This might be the case where, for example, the child can attend school but only intermittently.

    DFE Guidance

  • Single Point Referral Form (March 2022) - do not use for Outreach+

    SPR should be used for medical and turnaround places – turnaround places are often used as an alternative to permanenty exclusion.

    Kirklees Council have operated a Single Point referral system since September 2009. The current referral form can be downloaded using the link below (please note the form must be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to attach your key referral documents).

    SPR-Form [March 2022]

  • Part-time Timetables - advice to schools+

    This guidance (written by Kirklees Education Safeguarding Team) will support all schools, academies, free schools and independent schools in the appropriate use of a reduced educational provision. All schools have a duty to ensure that no child is excluded illegally through the imposition of a reduced timetable (sometimes referred to as a ‘part-time’ timetable). This guidance relates to pupils of statutory school age.

    Detailed support and guidance can be found in the local offer link below.

    Local Offer

  • SPR Panel Dates and Deadline Information (2022/23)+

For further information please contact the Headteacher relevant to the key stage as follows:

KS1 & 2
Alison Ward – Head Teacher

Hannah Lord – Head Teacher

Rebecca Smith – Head Teacher

Director of Off-site Provision
Martin Ridge

Get in Touch

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