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Get Involved in Governance

Thank you for taking the time to explore our website and find more out about Ethos Academy Trust. If you, like us, are inspired by what you have seen and would like to get involved, joining our Trust Board or local tiers of governance could be just the answer! Our Trust Board and Academy Performance Review Committees are made up of individuals who want to utilise their professional skills and expertise to benefit the life outcomes of all young people our Trust comes into contact with. Click the link below and submit an application, we look forward to hearing from you!

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Need to know more before you get involved?

What is a multi-academy trust (MAT)? 

MATs are a group of academy schools that are run in partnership with one another and exist outside of Local Authority control. MATs receive their funding directly from the Department for Education (DfE) and make their own financial decisions, which means they’re run more like businesses than maintained or Local Authority schools.

MATs have a CEO and senior management team who oversee the top levels of all schools within the trust.

What does a MAT or academy governance structure look like?

MATs have a board of trustees who work at a top level and are accountable for all the schools within the trust. Trustees can delegate the day to day running of schools within the trust to local governing boards (LGBs). Each school in the MAT may have its own LGB which considers issues relevant to the individual school.

What do trustees do?

Trustees are a type of school governor, but they make up the board of trustees of a MAT. The main responsibilities of the trustees are to:

  • Set the strategic direction of the trust
  • Hold senior school leadership to account
  • Oversee the trust’s financial performance

These are also the three key roles of a school governing board, but trustees operate at a higher level, overseeing strategy and finance across all schools in the trust.

For many people, volunteering as a trustee is a meaningful way to give back but also to develop skills and gain non-executive director experience.


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