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Development Priorities

As a Multi Academy Trust, our five year Strategic Development Plan sets out the following objectives:

  1. Become leaders in inclusive practice.
    Increase the quality and breadth of Ethos Academy Trust provision by further enhancing meaningful and personalised opportunities for all pupils to sustain positive engagement in lifelong learning.
  2. Change the wider public narrative regarding SEMH pupils and provision.
    Develop Ethos Academy Trust’s role as an expert and influencer on inclusion in relation to SEMH policy and practice at a local, regional and national level, contributing to wider sector improvement activity.
  3. Develop expert practitioners in inclusive, SEND practice.
    Ethos Academy Trust will invest in the development of a strong, healthy, engaged and motivated workforce of inclusive leaders, teachers and support staff who excel at securing outstanding outcomes for pupils with SEMH needs within and beyond the Trust.

Read more about our strategic priorities below:

Download our Strategic Development Plan 2021-2026

Read Our Detailed People Strategy


Our specialist staff are central to our vision of nurturing inclusive learning communities. Our People Strategy has been developed alongside current staff, senior leaders, executive teams and Trustees to highlight our commitment to our people. Through this strategy, we aim to prioritise staff development, strengthen our teams and develop a nurturing culture underpinned by high standards. 

Download our School Improvement Strategy 2023-2024

We believe in school improvement through a partnership model that brings drive, expertise and capacity to the school improvement agenda. In our School Improvement Strategy, we: 

  • Identify how we will work with individual academies and the collective group of schools within the Trust. 
  • Provide clarity around the expectations, values, roles and responsibilities in the pursuit of enabling all children to reach their maximum potential. 
  • Align our school improvement agenda with our strategic priorities. 

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