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Ethos Academy Trust Outreach Service (SEMH)

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Outreach Service (SEMH)

Kirklees Outreach support is delivered by the Ethos Academy Trust teaching and support staff, supporting in and in partnership with mainstream primary and secondary schools. The service is commissioned by Kirklees Council who have a commitment to children and young people with special educational needs being educated in their local mainstream school as far as possible, and as such strives to provide strong support for families, children and young people during their transition to and from their local school.

Outreach staff work effectively with partners, including health & social care, to ensure early identification and ongoing assessment of children and young people with social, emotional and mental health needs is in place as soon as possible. Experienced teachers offer advice to schools through our Outreach Advice portal and through Single Point Referral.

The service also provides transition support through experienced Inclusion Workers for children who have been permanently excluded from school and children with Education, Health and Care Plans who require a bespoke transition into a new setting.

The support for our children, young people and families is part of Ethos Academy Trust continuum of SEMH provision.

For further information about the Outreach Service please contact Sue.Wight@eat.uk.com 

For SPR Referral advice and support please contact Karen.Blakeley@eat.uk.com

SEMH Advice Line (email)

In order to support schools with early identification/assessment of SEN, Ethos Academy Trust offer an additional level of support to schools. Staff can share scenario’s regarding a child who they feel may have some SEMH needs that require some additional advice from a Trust SENCO in terms of referral through SPR, Outreach support or a turnaround placement. At this point, the information provided must remain anonymous.

Please note: This will not replace the Single Point Referral (SPR) process but is intended to create a streamlined approach to enable schools to request advice in the first instance prior to or as an alternative to an SPR or an exclusion.

If you require advice please contact Ethos Academy Trust through the following email address: outreach.advice@eat.uk.com

For updates and advice the Outreach Advice email portal please contact: Offsite Business Support Manager matthew.naylor@eat.uk.com

One of our SENCO’s within the Trust will then contact you to discuss your concerns and offer appropriate advice.


Ethos Academy Trust – Special Needs Coordinators who manage this advice portal are:

Helen Plaskitt (Outreach & early intervention based / Primary)


Sue Wight (Outreach & early intervention based – Secondary KS3)


Marcus Farrington (Ethos College based – KS4 Provision & Medical)


Outreach Newsletter (July 2020) Download

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